Industries profit by monitoring environmental sustainability

Live monitoring is proud to introduce greenMon, an innovative environmental monitoring solution, described as a world first, that enables you to efficiently monitor your company’s carbon and waste output.  greenMon is a “Proudly South African”, extensive platform that has been verified by an external environmental consultancy as operating towards the PAS2050 compliance.


As in the broader context of corporate social responsibility, to be credible, companies must provide evidence of their environmental compliance. This is provided by monitoring and auditing processes that are systematic and transparent, and through regular reporting of results. The ISO 14001 standard provides a recognized international framework for reporting, auditing and monitoring. Developers at Live monitoring created greenMon to be a primary instrument for managing an ISO14001 Environmental Management Plan.


At Live monitoring we pride ourselves of being a company that increases our clients profit through innovation. greenMon covers scope 1,2 and3 provides a single, simple means of collecting data required to produce emissions reports for real-time and historic reporting that can be used by environmental auditors. Where possible, inputs may be automatically obtained from existing systems or using other Live Monitoring systems.

greenMon is a very flexible platform that allows for regional emission factors as well as custom carbon equivalence factors to be catered for. This means that alerts can be configured with the acceptable thresholds for any situation. The system reports and alerts are generated and emailed directly to interested parties on a set periodic basis, thus saving organizations from unexpected higher taxation expenses and having to spend unforeseen funds on corrective actions. The system has been specifically designed with failover in mind to ensure uninterrupted monitoring of operations and notification functionality to confirm the accuracy of your data.

greenMon can interface with many third party systems allowing for effective and easily managed data transfer to minimize manual inputs. The data is displayed via web pages as graphs or text as requested by users or alternatively via a mobile web portal for remote access. Reporting is fully customizable and the data structure allows for organizations with multiple sites, departments and differing factors to be viewed by regional affect. Access can be set per organization, site and department as well as to each individual page. As well as the many functional aspects, the system includes a base social integration module for sharing ideas and communicating issues and resolutions within the organization or by inviting community input.

What does it mean for Live Monitoring’s clients? With greenMon, industries have the advantage of saving time and money by effectively collaborating data that currently takes many man hours to collect. This is often long after the impacts have taken place.

The advantage of collecting data as it happens allows clients to implement corrective measures immediately and forecast to a certain degree.

Our company's foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect the law, support universal human rights, protect the environment and benefit the communities where we work.

The intensive use of natural resources, and the resulting carbon emissions, is a problem globally across all industries. Responsible companies seek to minimize their energy use and to prevent the harmful emissions that potentially contribute to climate change. Carbon footprint and Energy efficiency are closely related , for example by improving the control and management of air circulation and cooling systems for machinery or office buildings with our liveMon product the reduction in energy can result in a smaller footprint as reported and verified by using the greenMon solution. At any size business, these initiatives can result in substantial savings.

With regulations continually become more stringent and the pending “carbon tax” soon to be passed on to South African industries, many companies and processes now have the responsibility to account for their impact on the environment by implementing monitoring systems that:

“Meet all the soon to be regulatory demands that provide the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.”

Responsible Industries can no longer ignore asking: What will happen if I don’t take action?

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