Covid 19 Screening

Cough The Covid-19 Screening application has been created by Roger Fraser of Action Industries for use by Live Monitoring & other clients who wish to digitally record Employee and visitor Covid 19 Symptom checking data and keep digital records of this. This ensure compliance with legislation as well as ensuring that your workplace is a safe environment for staff. The system has the abiltiy to allow vistor registration and QR code generation.

This solution can be deployed onsite or hosted in the cloud .The web page uses a responsive design to adapt to the method or device used to access. System configuration and tests are all database driven so should the needs change differnt screening can be done using the same system .A mobile app is available for staff and visitors to test and pretest and a QR Code allows self tests to be verified .A QR Code can be generated for staff and visitors to allow rapid scanning of ID for testing. Some aditional special features allow android Devices with a built in IR thermometer to record temperatures . There has also been work integrating the reading of staff RFID tags for staff that have RFID tags instead of using the QR code. Cough


Mobile Test

Mobile Test1

Example of the user Login page.Only logged in users can access the test. A setting allows for security to do testing.

Example of the symptoms test on mobile screen.

Example of the symptoms test on mobile screen.


Configure Symptoms

Configure Sites

Example of the landing and Login page.Only logged in administrators can access the configuration.

Configuration of the symtoms being screened for and the test pass or fail variables.

Configuration of the site details and the manager that will be notified of test failures.


Test Result

Test Validate

Example of symptom testing page.

Example of symptom test result page.

Example of symptom test validation page.

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