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Flexibility is what makes liveMon so powerful. The fact that it can monitor and alert across such a broad platform of communication protocols and hardware applications, is what makes it a first choice when you are looking for cost effective flexible monitoring solutions.

LiveMon most common use cases among our customer base: Power Billing, Energy Consumption ,Process Monitoring, Data Centre Monitoring,Network Status Monitoring, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB),IT Server and Services monitoring, Asset tracking, Stack emissions .

LiveMon monitors ,records and alerts on the status of assets ,machinery and sensors on an IP Based network including: power supply, controlled air & humidity levels ,access control ,UPS status ,current being drawn , temperature ,humidity ,dew point ,generator status ,vibration ,speed ,rotation ,status ,count ,quantity ,SNMP ,SQL Status, HTTP Status ,SMTP Status ,POP3 Status ,Server Log, Server status , WMI logging, luminescence , runtime and video or static images .It can be interfaced to virtually any device with a protocol or an analogue or digital signal.

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