Live Monitoring has been supplying solutions for over 2 decades . We have associated to Action Industries to provide the ongoing sales and technical support to our clients .

• We have outsourced our technical and daily operations to Roger Fraser from Action Industries has over 2 Decades of experience with Live Monitoring systems and creating bespoke Industrial solutions .Together we can assist your business to become more efficient through the use of technology .

• Experience in all aspects of Industrial technology as well as ICT and IOT solutions.

• With the ever-increasing pace of the 4th Industrial revolution and the talk of the 5th one involving Artificial Intelligence starting it is becoming increasingly important to adopt technology into the industrial process .Not just the controlling but the collection and analysis of data needs to take place as soon as any data worthy event occurs . By interfacing Industrial automation together with Information technology solutions this real-time data can provide industry with an advantage over post processed events.

• The experience we have from the development and deployment of these systems together with experience of technology partners who work in the same industries allows us to supply these solutions and to ensure that they meet the clients exact requirements .

• We have experience developing numerous industrial real-time data solutions as well as many customer specific solutions .Technology stacks include cross platform Windows ,Web as well as new developments on cloud hosted platforms . All new developments are being targeted as cross platform capable for multiple OS deployments as well as mobile platforms compatibility .

For more information or help please contact Roger Fraser

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