With over 2 Decades of experience creating bespoke Industrial monitoring solutions we can assist your industry to become more efficient through the use of technology . Experience in all aspects of Industrial technology as well as ICT and currently working on IOT solutions


With the ever-increasing pace of the 4th Industrial revolution and the talk of the 5th one involving Artificial Intelligence starting it is becoming increasingly important to adopt technology into the industrial process .Not just the controlling but the collection and analysis of data needs to take place as soon as any data worthy event occurs .


By interfacing Industrial automation together with Information technology solutions this real-time data can provide industry with an advantage over post processed events. Our experience developing such systems together with experience of technology partners who we work with closely allows us to supply these solutions and to customise them to suit exact requiremnts.


Bespoke Solutions and Product Scaffolding

Primarily our solutions development focus is to provide bespoke development of client driven solutions for data collection from devices and sensors .This would usually involve the full software development lifecycle .We would prepare a project proposal with you and have specific milestones .We adopt an Agile type of approach to our development - meaning we develop functional blocks often and release them to be tested utilising rapid prototyping approach . We have found using this approach means that you will ultimately get the solution that works for your environment .

Live Monitoring has access and specific knowledge to industry specific products -some that we have been involved in the developed of - over the past few decades and are in use already in industry and others that are made by companies we partner with .We are able to modify these product scaffolds and extend these products to suit your environment and needs. For more information or help please contact Administrator

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